Presentation of projects

Exchange with MidKent College, Gillingham, 24 till 26 April 2013, Westerlo To Gillingham

From 24 until 26 April 4E, 4M, 4EE and 4EM will be visiting Rochester, Great Britain. Together with students from MidKent College they will work on a technical project. Cultural visits to the Chatham Dockyards and Dover Castle have also been programmed. On the final day they will visit Canterbury. The pupils will be staying in guest families in and around Rochester. The students of MidKent College will make a return visit in October to finish the project.


Exchange with Institut Sainte-Marie, Jambes, 18 April 2013 till 19 April 2013, Jambes to Westerlo

Le jeudi et le vendredi 18 et 19/04/2013 les élèves de l’Institut Sainte-Marie de Jambes ont rendu visite à notre école à Westerlo. Le but de cet échange vise un approfondissement de leurs connaissances de la deuxième langue et un élargissement de leur horizon culturel. Pour mieux comprendre l’autre communauté il faut aussi apprendre à mieux la connaître. En travaillant dans différents ateliers les élèves des deux communautés ont réalisé un produit final. Si vous êtes intéressé par ce que nos élèves ont fait pendant cet échange de deux jours, vous pouvez visiter notre blog :

Ce projet est soutenu par le Fonds Prince Philippe.


ELvis 2.0 - Comenius - Exchange with Kopernikusschule Freigericht, 27 januari 2013 till 2 februari 2013, Freigericht to Westerlo

This school year, the linguistic talents of 5ASO-Languages took part in an exchange with students from the Kopernikusschule of Freigericht. Freigericht is situated in the German state Hessen. Our students went to Germany for four days in October. The language of communication at that time was German. In January our school was visited by 24 German students and then English was the official language. For this occasion all lessons of 5TWE-5LT-5ET were taught in English.

The goal of the exchange was to use the modern foreign languages English and German in real life situations. To realize this, the students had to participate in the school and family life of their partner student. With the whole group, they visited Frankfurt-am-Main and Brussels.

Some reactions of students:

'I was escpecially afraid of staying in a host family, but that turned out quite well. From the very first moment on, they really made me feel at home and communication was not a problem.' (Nicolas, 5LT)

'It was very instructive to bring the class theory into practice, in real conversations. I think we've learned a lot this way.' (Mitchell, 5ET)

'The German schoool was totally different from our school. The students had more freedom, but there was also more caos during the lessons. I still prefer our school system.' (Sara, 5TWE)

'Ich war wirklich glücklich mit meiner Austauschpartnerin, war haben eine Menge Spas gehabt und sind super mit ein ander ausgekommen. Ich habe mich auch bestens mit den anderen Teilnehmernim Austauschverstanden und haben ach diesem Project eine Menge neue Freunden, danke um dieses Projekt zu organisieren! (Nina, 5LT)


Leonardo - Vetpro. Meeting with Las Indias, Tenerife: 2-9 februari 2013

The school, "Las Indias", let us know the Spanish school system. We visited several workshops and visited a textile factory. We met with the Spanish culture and nature.
This year we work with our directions around the carnival theme. Since in Tenerife   carnival is celebrated in February we had a lot of ideas for the design of the clothes and make - up according to the fashion and fantasy make - up.



ELvis 2.0 Project meeting in Enger, Germany, 21 - 23 november 2012

Coordinators discussing the new project initiatives for ELvis 2.0



Visit from MidKent College, Gillingham, UK, 25-26 oktober 2012

The purpose of the visit of MidKent College is to provide our students from  fourth and fifth years TSO (technical form of education) to collaborate on a practical project with colleagues from England. During the visit in October, a first project started. In April 2013, our pupils from the 4th year will visit England for the practical startup.